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CaribbeanMatches is a safe online dating community that offers a niche atmosphere that caters to Caribbean men and women, as well as those around the world that are interested in the people of the Caribbean. The people here come for friendship, dating and relationship. CaribbeanMatches do their best to help anyway possible to form all types of relationships. Every member goes through a quick essential questionnaire to help attract and match each other according to similarities. They also have a great amount of tools available as well. Tools vary from emailing, profiles and video chatting. Also, joining CaribbeanMatches may be the missing link for you to find that special person to have an enjoyable time. And there are plenty of young and attractive men and women available for matches to happen. If you are single and feel like it is time to find your other half, then join now for...

Albanian Personals

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Albanian Personals is the biggest dating site that revolves around the Albanian community. You can find young and attractive Albanian men and women here, as well as other singles that are interested in Albanians. This dating community is completely safe and fun to use. There are many useful tools that Albanian Personals offer. They allow members to chat message eachother, browse photo galleries, email and many more. Use all the tools available to be able to have a chance at finding the love you have always wanted. Everything at Albanian Personals is made to help members find potential partners with similar interest. If you are single, come and find your very own Albanian man or woman now by creating a free...

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Caribbean Singles is an online dating site for those interested in dating people from the Caribbean. There are plenty of beautiful men and women here that are ready to find a partner. They all come here for the possibility of finding a friend, date or marriage comfortably. Here at, they offer plenty of tools to its members to help create a connection with other singles. You can create a profile, send messages, look at photos, video chat and email. If you are interested in dating men and women from the Carribbean then joining this dating community is the only logical option. Become a member now and enjoy the singles available...

Eritrean Singles

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Eritrean Singles is an online dating community that caters to citizens of Eritrean, a country at the horn of Africa, and people around the world who wants to date them. This community is designed to be comfortable and easy to meet that special person. With Eritrean Singles’ amazing tools, members are able to develop a relationship even before meeting offline. With the tools available, you can create a detailed profile, send seductive messages, browse other members with potential, have flirty video chats and hopefully find a partner with love interest. This dating community excels at matching Eritrean people with each other and others around the world. If you want a chance at a relationship such as friendship, dating or love, then joining Eritrean Singles is the only option...

Iranian Personals

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Iranian Personals is one of the largest niche dating site available. It caters to the Persian, Muslim and Iran community to offer a chance to meet and have a date or relationship. If you qualify, a match can be found safely and comfortably. At Iranian Personals, there are many quality features such as chatting, photo sharing, message board and events for singles. All of these features are available for members. You can also have access to customer support at all times if you have any questions. Iranian Personals have been responsible for hundreds of marriages and other relationships. Join this online dating community now to get you very own opportunity to be matched up with other...

African Love

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African Love is the fastest growing online dating site catered specifically for African and Afro interactions. There are many singles from Africa and everywhere else that are searching for the prospects of love, relationship, unity and interracial dating. You may also be one of them. Through African Love, you meet other African singles through many of their quality communication features. By using the emailing, chatting and videoing systems, you will get an easy opportunity to meet beautiful African men and women from Africa and around the world. With these high quality features, a match is bound to happen and often. The people at African Love are incredibly dedicated to serving members by providing a friendly and suitable dating environment. So join now and receive instant access to the many singles that reside...

Recent Reviews

Pink Cupid Review by Cherry

Hi I'm already login but that is not working and I'm loving someone else in pink cupid please atlest send me her details to me

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Military Singles Review by Jessica

Joined for free.Within 3 days I had several responses.Some I couldnt read.One guy put his email on his pic(Mike Fritz).We conversated.But I did my research and discovered he was a fake. I presented my evidence and he had no response.Always do a # trace,reverse image search,etc....

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Eligible Greeks Review by Theofania54

I find it sad there are fake profiles and people who try and take advantage and it spoils it for us good women on here and for men too. A good relationship is about loving not hurting or using someone. It's a thing called honesty which unfortunately some lack. Old saying goes if it smells like b.s. it probably is and trust your instincts.

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Pink Cupid Review by Yvonne

Was going to join, after reading these comments it would be best that i keep my money. I did a test run today only to find that supposedly comments from some women in here were actual false, and were sent from the site itself. This was proven by these women.
Terrible that they did so without permission
Rather gross and obviously men are behind. Gross

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BBPeopleMeet Review by HBIC

Tend to agree with most of the negatives on here. Have been on and off this site.. most seem to be looking for fwb, fbuddies or hook ups, have even had a few tell me they like
"fat girls" since they are easier and more desperate for attention.. wtf !! not remotely! no matter a persons size, having confidence, a brain, common sense and decency and being happy with yourself FIRST, makes a difference!! Yes there are way too many blank, fake and no picture profiles on here. Or they are out of state. And the ones that do post pictures post ones that are over 10 years old and they think they have not changed.. if I can't recognize you when meeting because you look 100 then yeah you changed!. I have come across a lot of them that have odd fetishes (*infantilism, bsdm, feet, cross dressers, a few others), too many smokers. Yes I get the oral fixation aspect, but come on!! being Big does NOT mean not healthy!! and yes agree with the person that comments on the slob sloppy pictures. If someo

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