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Desi Kiss

Posted in Matrimonial | 2 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000 is the most popular dating destination for single Indian men and women. They exceed in helping single Indians find relationships in a safe and fast manner. If you have an Indian background, you can have a high chance of finding a compatible partner that shares the same values and interest that you were raised with. At DesiKiss, they offer quality features that will accelerate the process of online dating. Some of the features they offer are instant messages, flirt message and video chatting. Also when you become a member there, you can also have a profile that shows who viewed the profile, which favorite list you are on and much more. By using these tools, you can display good and attractive characteristics of yours to other singles. Indians that join DesiKiss has a high chance of being successful. With the success stories available, it proves that this dating community works. If you are alone and want to find a partner to be in a serious relationship with, you should join...

Posted in Others | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000 is officially the “go to” online dating sites for the beautiful people of Eritrea. The citizens of Eritrea and their descendents around the world are all welcome to becomes members here and have the opportunities to find romantic relationships with similar interest, background and religion. matches members together by developing innovative questions for all members to answer. By answering these questions, their members are matched up with the right person that is highly likely to be their soul mates. There are also other features available that will also increase the odds of success. Everything done at EritreanDate is to increase the chances of members finding someone to be in a serious relationship with. if you have a heritage of being Eritrean, then becoming a member of is the only logical option to...

Arab Lounge

Posted in Muslim | 1 Review, 3 Stars, 33333 is an online dating community exclusively created for all Arab men and women. Arabs can hope to find friendship, dating and especially marriages here with similar values, morals, religion and background. Here at, two members can easily interact with each other using the various tools available. You can use features such as instant messaging, video chatting, emailing and view thousands of eligible profiles. Members here can also send flirtatious initial message that shows interest to another member. covers all the Arabs located around the world. There are men and women from Saudi Arabia, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Iraqi, Oman, Yemeni and many other Arab nations here at this niche community. Visiting ArabLounge and becoming a member may be the best thing to happen to your dating life. So, join...


Posted in Others | 2 Reviews, 2.5 Stars, is the only destination Armenians need for a dating community specifically catered to them. Due to that, many Armenians have been paired up and the rate of match making are rising. They are excelling with the Armenian men and women and became one of the top niche dating sites. At, many Aremenians can come and find friendship, dates, romance and marraige comfortably. They use tools such as photo galleries, instant messaging, message boards and emails to increase the chances of those relationships. HyeSingles is very confident that for the future members that will be joining in the thousands, the experiences achieved there are going to be pleasant. This is the perfect place for Armenian men and women to find their prefered relationship. Become a member and find you soul mate...

Eligible Greeks

Posted in Others | 10 Reviews, 3 Stars, 33333

Eligible Greeks is the premier Greek dating community created specifically to help Greeks find that special person. After much success, they are the largest online dating destination for Greeks. People come here for the opportunity to just be able to meet Greek men and women with similar interest and for a chance at romance. At Eligible Greeks, there are many features that are offered to members. Some that are exceptional are the dating advice section, event planner, speed dating and video chat. There are also 1000’s of eligible profiles here that are ready to interact with and have a relationship with. This is the dating spot to create special connections with the Greek men and women that are from Greece, Canada, Australia, United States, South Africa and more. All types of relationships have spawned due to coming here. If you are single and Greek, be sure to join Eligible Greeks...

Ethiopian Personals

Posted in Black Dating | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000

EthiopianPersonals is an online dating community created for singles to come and have opportunities to find partners that shares similar traits such as values, interest, religion, ethnicity and more. Due to that, this remains one of the biggest niche sites that caters to Ethiopian singles and their targets. EthiopianPersonals also has many tools to help establish a romantic relationship. Members can use tools varying from photo galleries, detailed profiles, instant messaging and much more. And if there are any questions or help needed, customer support are always available to make sure that everyone is having a fun and comfortable experience. There is a reason that EthiopianPersonals excel at online dating. They have helped many find that special soul mate and are going to help many more. If you are single, come and join here for an opportunity to have a romantic relationship with your very own Ethiopian...

Recent Reviews

Eligible Greeks Review by zeus

I dont get the whole fake profile thing. I dont think there are fake profiles en masse.

The good women dont last long on there because they get scared away by the perverts. There are tons of fat ugly and divorced women with kids on there. Or they live in Greece. Very few in their 20s anymore.

The site used to be good 10 years ago. The problem now is that women log in from their phones, instead of their computers, so the instant chat doesnt work on the phones so u have to rely on sending emails back and forth instead of real-time chatting like 10 years ago.

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Seeking Arrangement Review by Mark

This site should be called "SleepingArrangement". It is a site filled with over 70% prostitutes, escorts, hookers, call girls, hoes, sluts, or whatever word that is used for women that gives sex in exchange for money.

Some men may paid the price to get their relief inside a public toilet. These women are prostitutes and they are not exclusive to any one man. The more men they can hook the more tax free money they can make. I have bad experineces on all of Brandon Wade's fake online dating services. Some men are trying to find companionship on this website. It is filled with uneducated women , teenage pregnant mother, single mothers, women with mental issues, etc. I just don't want to have any relationships with prostitutes and the thought of having sex with a public toilet grosses me out. These women do anything and everything for the right price, so maybe some men find it fun, but I find it gross. These men may not think that they are licking a public toilet because th

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Jewcier Review by Craig


I purchased the six month option. After being recently windowed I decided to give this online dating thing a try so I found this site and gave it a go. After six days of using the site was all I needed to realize the site simply does not deliver what it advertises. First and foremost the site advertises Jewish dating yet once on the system there are profiles listed as "Willing to convert, Not willing to convert, etc" Nowhere on the site is disclosed that the data set of profiles includes other theological denominations other then Judaism. That right there is false advertising and highly illegal. Additional I received several messages that were clearly scammers. Each time I reported the fake profile to customer service they have one reason or another to essentially ignore my concerns. Finally I had enough of the fake profiles and scammer messages arriving in the inbox on the site. I attempted to cancel and get a refund and they flat out refused. So I filed a disp

Visit JewcierRead More Reviews Review by Kathy

OurTime is so disappointing. I wish I had found these reviews before I signed up. My biggest frustration is with the flirts- I don't get to select what message is sent. How hard would it be to have a drop down menu that lets me select the message or clip art? I find the site very hard to navigate.

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