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Posted in General Dating | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000 is an online dating site that is perfect to find local matches that has similar interest. They promise an opportunity to have relationships of all types such as friendship, casual, dating and romance. They also use quizzes and questionnaires to better determine the right match for users. Members here are located all around the globe. CupidsWand allows users a plethora of tools to connect with other users to form a deeper relationship. They have communication tools such as chat, email, video chat and many more. Use the available tools to get to know potential partners. It is completely safe and comfortable to use and very enjoyable socializing with singles. CupidsWand is completely free to use. Although, there is a paid subscription with a few more features. Overall, both free and paid members are able to connect with locals for all types of encounters. Join now to get your own opportunity to find someone that matches your...


Posted in General Dating | 1 Review, 0 Stars, 00000

SpeedDate brings the speed dating atmosphere onto an online platform. They have successfully implemented a new method in dating and finding interesting people to easily chat with and possibly form a relationship with online. They connect members with other local singles for a 5 minute interval to test possible chemistry. SpeedDate is available is available for PC and mobile format. This means they allow users to chat and mingle with locals online at the comfort of home or out at grocery stores, coffee shops and other public areas. Users can also check on their status and other features involving SpeedDate. With their app, everyone is able to enjoy speed dating wherever they go. SpeedDate’s innovative approach to online dating is the best method for real-time interactions. They have successfully connected hundreds of local singles. Join them now and be part of their...

Christian Filipina

Posted in Christian | 1 Review, 0 Stars, 00000

Christian Filipina is an online dating community that caters to the men and women globally that is Christian and has Philippine heritage. They expertly assist in connecting men and women with similar interest successfully using their platform. Many people join there with the intentions of friendship, dating, intimate and even possible marriage. Christian Filipina offers the right platform and tools for all of their members to be able to positively and comfortably find a partner and form a desirable relationship. Their dating community is filled with men and women from the Philippines that are friendly, conservative and most importantly single. Use their tools and wonderful platform to find your very own match. If the details above match your criteria, then Christian Filipina is for you. They have a great dating atmosphere with many testimonies stating successful relationships. If you want to be able to have a partner and be in a committed relationship, join...

Sweet Discreet

Posted in Others | 2 Reviews, 1 Stars, 11111

Sweet Discreet is an online dating community for adults that caters to a very special type of meetings. This dating community offers meetings that are for pleasure, a side affair or many other kinds of meetings that adults may like. Even if you are already in a committed relationship, Sweet Discreet offers various paths to satisfy the sexual desire. They have an enormous amount of lonely housewives, married women, married men and singles seeking new and unique adventures. They offer many tools to find the right man or a woman that matches the correct encounter the two mutual partners decide upon. These tools will discreetly find one you are seeking to have a casual hookup or sexual encounter. The possible meetings are endless and easily found at the comfort of your own home. If you are seeking a serious and committed relationship, this is not the place to join. Sweet Discreet is for one night stands, casual encounters and endless fun. If an adult dating community is what you seek, then join Sweet Discreet now for free and begin on your journey of endless...


Posted in Black Dating | 5 Reviews, 2 Stars, 22222

BlackTryst is an online dating community that is catered specifically for men and women that are flexible in dating and focuses on sexual chemistry. They are for the ones that are in the phase of enjoying casual encounters and tired of committed relationships. They have plenty of attractive men and women in their dating community that are all a part of the sexual chemistry mantra. At BlackTryst, they offer all members great tools to meet casual men and women to meet up and experience an enjoyable no strings attached session of fun. Members can chat, video chat, message, email and many more. BlackTryst is the exact opposite of most other dating sites available. They promote casual relationships instead of committed ones. Join now if this description matches your state of mind and find the right partner for you instantly. A casual encounter is just waiting for you around the...

Posted in Others | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000 is an online social network and dating site that helps diabetics connect with others with similar conditions. They are the top destination for diabetics to socialize, date and discussing methods to enjoy a satisfying life with diabetes. They have an enormous amount of members for all sorts of socializing such as dating, friendships and even intimate contacts. has all the useful tools available for connecting with other members with diabetes. They allow all members to have access to emails, voice mails, instant message, chat rooms, text messaging, video chat, forums, blogs, astrology and many more useful tools that will be able to accurately match men and women. Joining is a safe place to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable time connecting with other men or women with diabetes. Register now and get a onetime free access to all of their quality features. is the perfect community to find some with many similarities such as diabetes to share intimate times...

Recent Reviews

Eligible Greeks Review by zeus

I dont get the whole fake profile thing. I dont think there are fake profiles en masse.

The good women dont last long on there because they get scared away by the perverts. There are tons of fat ugly and divorced women with kids on there. Or they live in Greece. Very few in their 20s anymore.

The site used to be good 10 years ago. The problem now is that women log in from their phones, instead of their computers, so the instant chat doesnt work on the phones so u have to rely on sending emails back and forth instead of real-time chatting like 10 years ago.

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Seeking Arrangement Review by Mark

This site should be called "SleepingArrangement". It is a site filled with over 70% prostitutes, escorts, hookers, call girls, hoes, sluts, or whatever word that is used for women that gives sex in exchange for money.

Some men may paid the price to get their relief inside a public toilet. These women are prostitutes and they are not exclusive to any one man. The more men they can hook the more tax free money they can make. I have bad experineces on all of Brandon Wade's fake online dating services. Some men are trying to find companionship on this website. It is filled with uneducated women , teenage pregnant mother, single mothers, women with mental issues, etc. I just don't want to have any relationships with prostitutes and the thought of having sex with a public toilet grosses me out. These women do anything and everything for the right price, so maybe some men find it fun, but I find it gross. These men may not think that they are licking a public toilet because th

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Jewcier Review by Craig


I purchased the six month option. After being recently windowed I decided to give this online dating thing a try so I found this site and gave it a go. After six days of using the site was all I needed to realize the site simply does not deliver what it advertises. First and foremost the site advertises Jewish dating yet once on the system there are profiles listed as "Willing to convert, Not willing to convert, etc" Nowhere on the site is disclosed that the data set of profiles includes other theological denominations other then Judaism. That right there is false advertising and highly illegal. Additional I received several messages that were clearly scammers. Each time I reported the fake profile to customer service they have one reason or another to essentially ignore my concerns. Finally I had enough of the fake profiles and scammer messages arriving in the inbox on the site. I attempted to cancel and get a refund and they flat out refused. So I filed a disp

Visit JewcierRead More Reviews Review by Kathy

OurTime is so disappointing. I wish I had found these reviews before I signed up. My biggest frustration is with the flirts- I don't get to select what message is sent. How hard would it be to have a drop down menu that lets me select the message or clip art? I find the site very hard to navigate.

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