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Malaysian Cupid

Posted in Asian | 1 Review, 4 Stars, 44444

Malaysian Cupid is the leading online dating community that caters to Malaysian men and women. They offer the best platform for authentic singles from Malaysia and those interested in them to form lasting relationships such as friendship, dating and even possibly marriage. The dating experience they provide is outstanding and successful. Malaysian Cupid also offers state of the art communication tools to satisfy their massive amount of single members to help them become a pair. The tools are very simple and they are chatting, video chatting, messaging and more. Use those tools to increase the chances of meeting potential intimate partners. At Malaysian Cupid, they are extremely dedicated in helping the single men and women in their community become couples. If you join them, you can be confident in receiving some of the best services available when it comes to online dating. Join now to become a member of their community and stop being...

Saucy or Sweet

Posted in General Dating | 6 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000

Saucy or Sweet is a very popular online dating community where you can meet your very own saucy or sweet singles. Their dating platform is designed to help all members to find preferred relationships such as friendships, casuals, dating, romantic or even marriage. Many single men and women use their services to improve their chances. At, they offer many useful and fun communication tools to search and chat with a saucy or sweet single man or woman. The tools come in forms of chatting, emails, video chatting and many more. Uses their tools will definitely increase the chances of meeting in person and enjoying a very personal and fun date filled with laughter. If you like the idea of have a saucy or sweet partner to be in a relationship with, is the right destination. Join them now and find your Mr. or Mrs....


Posted in General Dating | 2 Reviews, 4 Stars, 44444

iHookup is the perfect online platform for those that are into friends with benefits and casual dating. This type of relationship is very popular and it’s all fun and no commitment. They promote a type of relationship that goes against the traditions. Once you try them out, it will be hard not to get addicted. Every member at iHookup is all there for the same reasons. They want a non committed relationship and casual encounters that are extremely enjoyable. It is easy to search for the perfect casual partner by using their powerful search engine. They also offer great methods to meet the right encounters such as flirting, chatting, exchanging photos and many more. With a click, a casual encounter is achieved. If you are the type to dislike serious and committed relationships, this is the place for you. The men and women here are all waiting for you to join and begin interacting and having...

Mature Dating Only

Posted in Senior Dating | 0 Reviews, 4 Stars, 44444

Mature Dating Only is the top destination for older and more mature singles to have an opportunity to have another chance at romance and love. They understand how love and relationships work and they want to help their members become happy and satisfy in life. A lot of their members are all looking for the same relationship such as friendship, dating and romance. Using’s twenty-seven years of expertise in the dating environment, a large quantity of mature people who join are finding a romantic partner. This is due to their experience in chemistry and dating. They also offer great communication tools such as chat rooms, emails, video chatting and more. Mature Dating Only is available for all mature singles in United States, and Canada. If you find yourself at an age is considered old and the above criteria meets your expectations, then join now. A successful relationship is in the...

Golf Mates

Posted in Others | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000

Golf Mates offers a unique platform for online dating. They cater to golfers and offer them a possible relationship that is positioned around golfing. Anyone can become a member and have the opportunity to find a golf friend, golf partner, intimate golfing or a romantic relationship where both partners have the love of golf as a common interest. They are the ultimate place to find a partner that enjoys golfing. For the members at Golf Mates, golfing is a lifestyle that includes being well dressed, competitive, courteous, business oriented, wealthy and well traveled. They have all the traits to attract anyone of the opposite sex. Find a successful member at Golf Mates from around the world and enjoy a date either on the green or dinner and drinks. Golf Mates is free to join for everyone. If the criteria above meets your requirements, join them and meet single men and women that have a sincere interest in golfing. Stop wasting time at other places and become a member of Golf...

Find Singles Only

Posted in General Dating | 4 Reviews, 1 Stars, 11111

Find Singles Only is an online dating community available for both the United States and Canada. They are solely dedicated in helping singles find compatible matches. Their platform is powerful and successful in forming suitable relationships. Their members all have the intention of finding relationships such as friendships, casual, dating and even marriage. offers many solutions and tools for advertising their intent to find a partner and form relationships. They allow members to have detailed profiles with many photos and communication tools to socialize with singles locally. And most importantly, privacy is important and every member remains as “anonymous” until given permission to know more details. At, all members can safely find the perfect match and remain anonymous. Their dating community is safe and easy to use. Join now to become a member and no longer be...

Recent Reviews

Pink Cupid Review by Cherry

Hi I'm already login but that is not working and I'm loving someone else in pink cupid please atlest send me her details to me

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Military Singles Review by Jessica

Joined for free.Within 3 days I had several responses.Some I couldnt read.One guy put his email on his pic(Mike Fritz).We conversated.But I did my research and discovered he was a fake. I presented my evidence and he had no response.Always do a # trace,reverse image search,etc....

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Eligible Greeks Review by Theofania54

I find it sad there are fake profiles and people who try and take advantage and it spoils it for us good women on here and for men too. A good relationship is about loving not hurting or using someone. It's a thing called honesty which unfortunately some lack. Old saying goes if it smells like b.s. it probably is and trust your instincts.

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Pink Cupid Review by Yvonne

Was going to join, after reading these comments it would be best that i keep my money. I did a test run today only to find that supposedly comments from some women in here were actual false, and were sent from the site itself. This was proven by these women.
Terrible that they did so without permission
Rather gross and obviously men are behind. Gross

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BBPeopleMeet Review by HBIC

Tend to agree with most of the negatives on here. Have been on and off this site.. most seem to be looking for fwb, fbuddies or hook ups, have even had a few tell me they like
"fat girls" since they are easier and more desperate for attention.. wtf !! not remotely! no matter a persons size, having confidence, a brain, common sense and decency and being happy with yourself FIRST, makes a difference!! Yes there are way too many blank, fake and no picture profiles on here. Or they are out of state. And the ones that do post pictures post ones that are over 10 years old and they think they have not changed.. if I can't recognize you when meeting because you look 100 then yeah you changed!. I have come across a lot of them that have odd fetishes (*infantilism, bsdm, feet, cross dressers, a few others), too many smokers. Yes I get the oral fixation aspect, but come on!! being Big does NOT mean not healthy!! and yes agree with the person that comments on the slob sloppy pictures. If someo

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