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Posted in Senior Dating | 19 Reviews, 2.78 Stars, 2.782.782.782.782.78 is the consummate online dating place for singles that are mature in age to once again experience love. Here, you can be sure to explore a love life that is more potent and satisfying. You will realize that just because you are in the 50’s or 60’s, it will not stop you from having an enjoyable dating life. Once you join for free, you will instantly have access to every profile of single members. You are also able to choose what kind of relationship you are seeking. Whether it is a promiscuous dating, serious relationship, friendship or marriage, it will increase the odds of you finding a potential lover that matches your thinking. For, your safety is an importance that will be protected. You have the choice to have all of your personal information blocked from view and only disclose it to those you want. A safe and comfortable dating site increases the chances of having a successful and trusting relationship. Also, provides features such as emailing, chat rooms, live chat and video chatting for members to connect and converse in a flirtatious way. You can join now for free and browse through all the profiles and find your potential...

UK Christian Date

Posted in Christian | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000

UK Christian Date is an exceptional online dating site for the UK citizens that are Christian. With having over 5 million members that are single, the chances of finding someone that shares the same beliefs, morals and religion are high. Here, you can just make friends or have a serious relationship to fully enjoy your life. Finding someone that share the same religion as you do in public areas is not the easiest task to accomplish. With UK Christian Date, you can find Christian men or women that are local and nearby by using the search function. You can search by age, sex, height, ethnicity, location and many more. Also at UK Christian Date, you can browse through all the profiles of the single Christian members and decide who you want to chat with. And if it all goes well, There is a possible chance of meeting in person and that increasing the chances of a serious relationship being developed. UK Christian Date supports connecting fellow Christian members together. They are devoted in this cause and hope plenty of friendship and romance occurs. If you are a single Christian, be sure to sign up...

Planet Sappho

Posted in Gay & Lesbian | 5 Reviews, 3.5 Stars,

Planet Sappho is the premier lesbian dating community that allows all women of any age to connect and form relationships in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you are searching for a genuine relationship, friends, flirting or just encounter some fun women, members here are searching for the same possibilities. Here at Planet Sappho, members are free to date, chat and email anyone they find attractive. You can find lesbian women that are in your area or someone that is far away. Women of Planet Sappho are from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. One of Planet Sappho’s main priority is the safety and security of the members. Emails and real name are never revealed unless it is chosen to. So, feel at ease when communicating with other women here. Sign up is free for Planet Sappho. You are allowed to create a profile, upload photos and browse the members here without having to make any payments. So head on over and begin...

Posted in Foreign | 6 Reviews, 4.67 Stars, 4.674.674.674.674.67 is a trustworthy and dependable online site for dating and marriage. They specialize in introducing women that are ready for marriage to western men. These women that search for love and family comes from foreign countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and Asia. Since most of the women at are from foreign countries, their English is not efficient enough to converse with English speaking men without a proper translator. Thus, this dating site helps with the translation of emails, phone talks, dating and anything else that requires a translator. So if you are currently single, visit for a bride that is ready to start a loving family. This is the perfect place to find a beautiful wife from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America or...

Posted in Asian | 2 Reviews, 3.5 Stars,

Are you interested in having a deep relationship with women from Southeastern Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines? is an online dating place that provides just that. They connect people internationally to Asian women of Southeast Asia. There are thousands upon thousands of beautiful and sincere women that are looking for a chance at love and marriage. have such an amazing network of women due to their partnership with local dating agencies of the southeast Asian countries. These beautiful Asian women have profiles that include videos about themselves for you to get to know them better. More so, all the profiles have been authenticated to prevent from fraud. Even if you are too far away, iDateAsia makes it extremely easy to get in contact with women here and help build a sincere relationship with a goal of love and marriage. You can connect with these women instantly by live chat or talk to them directly through phone. If there is a language barrier, a professional translator will be provided. And when you are ready to meet in person, iDateAsia will go out of their way to make it happen and smoothly. So come here and find a woman to love...

Posted in Foreign | 91 Reviews, 3.47 Stars, 3.473.473.473.473.47 is an online dating platform for all those around the world that are into Russian and Ukrainian Women. Their networks of women are filled with beautiful, sincere and sexy girls that are looking for a serious chance at love and marriage. They also are very helpful in giving a hand to connect people internationally to women in Russia and Ukraine.’s source of women comes from the best local matchmaking agencies in Russia and Ukraine to showcase the best and most beautiful women. You can get to know these ladies by checking out their profiles and watching their self-made videos about themselves. And when communicating with one of these ladies and you do not speak the same language, a professional translator is provided. Even when you want to meet in person, will collaborate with you and coordinate all the details of your trip to either Russia or Ukraine. Here at, they put privacy and security of members at the utmost importance. They use security technology that guarantees safety at every single moment on this dating site. Any personal information and payment information are certified by the best online security agency to be secure. So, feel comfortable while searching for the women of your dreams...

Recent Reviews

Pink Cupid Review by Cherry

Hi I'm already login but that is not working and I'm loving someone else in pink cupid please atlest send me her details to me

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Military Singles Review by Jessica

Joined for free.Within 3 days I had several responses.Some I couldnt read.One guy put his email on his pic(Mike Fritz).We conversated.But I did my research and discovered he was a fake. I presented my evidence and he had no response.Always do a # trace,reverse image search,etc....

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Eligible Greeks Review by Theofania54

I find it sad there are fake profiles and people who try and take advantage and it spoils it for us good women on here and for men too. A good relationship is about loving not hurting or using someone. It's a thing called honesty which unfortunately some lack. Old saying goes if it smells like b.s. it probably is and trust your instincts.

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Pink Cupid Review by Yvonne

Was going to join, after reading these comments it would be best that i keep my money. I did a test run today only to find that supposedly comments from some women in here were actual false, and were sent from the site itself. This was proven by these women.
Terrible that they did so without permission
Rather gross and obviously men are behind. Gross

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BBPeopleMeet Review by HBIC

Tend to agree with most of the negatives on here. Have been on and off this site.. most seem to be looking for fwb, fbuddies or hook ups, have even had a few tell me they like
"fat girls" since they are easier and more desperate for attention.. wtf !! not remotely! no matter a persons size, having confidence, a brain, common sense and decency and being happy with yourself FIRST, makes a difference!! Yes there are way too many blank, fake and no picture profiles on here. Or they are out of state. And the ones that do post pictures post ones that are over 10 years old and they think they have not changed.. if I can't recognize you when meeting because you look 100 then yeah you changed!. I have come across a lot of them that have odd fetishes (*infantilism, bsdm, feet, cross dressers, a few others), too many smokers. Yes I get the oral fixation aspect, but come on!! being Big does NOT mean not healthy!! and yes agree with the person that comments on the slob sloppy pictures. If someo

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