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Golf Mates

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Golf Mates offers a unique platform for online dating. They cater to golfers and offer them a possible relationship that is positioned around golfing. Anyone can become a member and have the opportunity to find a golf friend, golf partner, intimate golfing or a romantic relationship where both partners have the love of golf as a common interest. They are the ultimate place to find a partner that enjoys golfing.

For the members at Golf Mates, golfing is a lifestyle that includes being well dressed, competitive, courteous, business oriented, wealthy and well traveled. They have all the traits to attract anyone of the opposite sex. Find a successful member at Golf Mates from around the world and enjoy a date either on the green or dinner and drinks.

Golf Mates is free to join for everyone. If the criteria above meets your requirements, join them and meet single men and women that have a sincere interest in golfing. Stop wasting time at other places and become a member of Golf Mates.

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Sweet Discreet

1 Stars, 2 Reviews

Sweet Discreet is an online dating community for adults that caters to a very special type of meetings. This dating community offers meetings that are for pleasure, a side affair or many other kinds of meetings that adults may like. Even if you are already in a committed relationship, Sweet Discreet offers various paths to satisfy the sexual desire. They have an enormous amount of lonely housewives, married women, married men and singles seeking new and unique adventures.

They offer many tools to find the right man or a woman that matches the correct encounter the two mutual partners decide upon. These tools will discreetly find one you are seeking to have a casual hookup or sexual encounter. The possible meetings are endless and easily found at the comfort of your own home.

If you are seeking a serious and committed relationship, this is not the place to join. Sweet Discreet is for one night stands, casual encounters and endless fun. If an adult dating community is what you seek, then join Sweet Discreet now for free and begin on your journey of endless pleasure.

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0 Stars, No Reviews is an online social network and dating site that helps diabetics connect with others with similar conditions. They are the top destination for diabetics to socialize, date and discussing methods to enjoy a satisfying life with diabetes. They have an enormous amount of members for all sorts of socializing such as dating, friendships and even intimate contacts. has all the useful tools available for connecting with other members with diabetes. They allow all members to have access to emails, voice mails, instant message, chat rooms, text messaging, video chat, forums, blogs, astrology and many more useful tools that will be able to accurately match men and women.

Joining is a safe place to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable time connecting with other men or women with diabetes. Register now and get a onetime free access to all of their quality features. is the perfect community to find some with many similarities such as diabetes to share intimate times with.

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0 Stars, No Reviews is officially the “go to” online dating sites for the beautiful people of Eritrea. The citizens of Eritrea and their descendents around the world are all welcome to becomes members here and have the opportunities to find romantic relationships with similar interest, background and religion. matches members together by developing innovative questions for all members to answer. By answering these questions, their members are matched up with the right person that is highly likely to be their soul mates. There are also other features available that will also increase the odds of success.

Everything done at EritreanDate is to increase the chances of members finding someone to be in a serious relationship with. if you have a heritage of being Eritrean, then becoming a member of is the only logical option to take.

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2 Stars, 8 Reviews is the only destination Armenians need for a dating community specifically catered to them. Due to that, many Armenians have been paired up and the rate of match making are rising. They are excelling with the Armenian men and women and became one of the top niche dating sites.

At, many Aremenians can come and find friendship, dates, romance and marraige comfortably. They use tools such as photo galleries, instant messaging, message boards and emails to increase the chances of those relationships.

HyeSingles is very confident that for the future members that will be joining in the thousands, the experiences achieved there are going to be pleasant. This is the perfect place for Armenian men and women to find their prefered relationship. Become a member and find you soul mate now!

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Eligible Greeks
2.5 Stars, 20 Reviews

Eligible Greeks is the premier Greek dating community created specifically to help Greeks find that special person. After much success, they are the largest online dating destination for Greeks. People come here for the opportunity to just be able to meet Greek men and women with similar interest and for a chance at romance.

At Eligible Greeks, there are many features that are offered to members. Some that are exceptional are the dating advice section, event planner, speed dating and video chat. There are also 1000’s of eligible profiles here that are ready to interact with and have a relationship with.

This is the dating spot to create special connections with the Greek men and women that are from Greece, Canada, Australia, United States, South Africa and more. All types of relationships have spawned due to coming here. If you are single and Greek, be sure to join Eligible Greeks today!

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