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Arab Lounge

3 Stars, 1 Reviews is an online dating community exclusively created for all Arab men and women. Arabs can hope to find friendship, dating and especially marriages here with similar values, morals, religion and background.

Here at, two members can easily interact with each other using the various tools available. You can use features such as instant messaging, video chatting, emailing and view thousands of eligible profiles. Members here can also send flirtatious initial message that shows interest to another member. covers all the Arabs located around the world. There are men and women from Saudi Arabia, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Iraqi, Oman, Yemeni and many other Arab nations here at this niche community. Visiting ArabLounge and becoming a member may be the best thing to happen to your dating life. So, join now!

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Iranian Personals

1 Stars, 3 Reviews

Iranian Personals is one of the largest niche dating site available. It caters to the Persian, Muslim and Iran community to offer a chance to meet and have a date or relationship. If you qualify, a match can be found safely and comfortably.

At Iranian Personals, there are many quality features such as chatting, photo sharing, message board and events for singles. All of these features are available for members. You can also have access to customer support at all times if you have any questions.

Iranian Personals have been responsible for hundreds of marriages and other relationships. Join this online dating community now to get you very own opportunity to be matched up with other singles.

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Salaam Love

2 Stars, 1 Reviews

At Salaam Love, they have created an online dating community that gathers Muslims around the world together to find men or women that shares the same religion and culture. With their exclusive membership, the likelihood of finding a relationship such as friendship, dating or marriage is just a click away. has made sure that all profiles are of detailed information and real.  They also offer instant messaging, emailing and video chatting to get in touch with member’s profile that interest you. With this, a match is sure to happen very quickly.

Everything at Salaam Love is safe and friendly. Once you join, you will have the opportunity to find a Muslim man or woman to have a relationship with. Start now and find someone with similar interest, culture and religion!

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Pakistani Lounge

0 Stars, 2 Reviews is an online dating community for Pakistani that excels at introducing men and women to form possible lasting relationships such as friends, casual dating or marriage. All Pakistani men and women come here to find a match to spend the rest of their lives with. This is the perfect place due to the great customer services and quality of the site.

Pakistani Lounge offers innovative ways to excel at matchmaking. They use advance questionnaires to scientifically pair up men and women together for an increase chance at a successful relationship. They also offer other useful tools such as private messaging, video chatting and emailing.

Everything at is safe for the members. This community offers people of Pakistan heritage to join and share similar ideas and culture. Join now for free and enjoy your time finding a suitable match for dating and possibly more.

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4 Stars, 2 Reviews is one of the top Muslim marriage site specifically made for matching single Muslim men and women together. With many Muslim singles signing up everyday, opportunities of dating and marriage are abundant. This results in quick and perfect matches.

Although marriage is the goal at, dating can also be possible. There are many tools to help with both dating and marriage. Tools such as private messaging, video chatting, photo galleries and many others are available for paid members and free members. is open to all Muslims to join this dating and marriage site. So, create you profile today and begin on your journey to find that perfect person.

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3.8 Stars, 13 Reviews is the leading online dating site that matches men with Muslim women with the goal of forming a serious relationship and ultimately marriage. This site contains over 4 million users of men and Muslim women. So you chances of finding love are high here.

The usual procedure for men to meet a Muslim woman is to show their interest and then the women will determine who they will choose to give a chance to date with. This allows all the female singles here to feel safe and in control to start a loving relationship.

The women here at are more conservative and religious due to their upbringing. Muslim follows protocol of strict cultural rules like wearing a burka, covering the entire body and being in public with a man. These are some of the things that men must understand when trying to start a relationship with a Muslim woman.

If you are not deterred by Muslim culture, sign up today to try out the search functions and communication tools now.

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