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3 Stars, 1 Reviews is an online dating site filled with single Chinese women that are available to interact with and date. They offer a great alternative from everyday dating and allow men to experience what it is like to have a meaningful relationship with a Chinese woman.

At, they offer all the necessary tools to be able to have long and lasting conversations with their Chinese women. The tools available are the typical chatting, phone conversations and many other useful tools to increase the likelihood of forming a relationship.

If you have the desire to be with a Chinese woman, then visiting is the right choice since they have an abundant amount of Chinese women to interact with. Become a member and find your match now.

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Malaysian Cupid

4 Stars, 1 Reviews

Malaysian Cupid is the leading online dating community that caters to Malaysian men and women. They offer the best platform for authentic singles from Malaysia and those interested in them to form lasting relationships such as friendship, dating and even possibly marriage. The dating experience they provide is outstanding and successful.

Malaysian Cupid also offers state of the art communication tools to satisfy their massive amount of single members to help them become a pair. The tools are very simple and they are chatting, video chatting, messaging and more. Use those tools to increase the chances of meeting potential intimate partners.

At Malaysian Cupid, they are extremely dedicated in helping the single men and women in their community become couples. If you join them, you can be confident in receiving some of the best services available when it comes to online dating. Join now to become a member of their community and stop being alone.

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3 Stars, 4 Reviews is the destination for all Vietnamese around the world. This niche dating site specializes on introducing Vietnamese single men and women for a possible chance at love and marriage. They will excel in helping any Vietnamese find a match efficiently and quickly.

There are two types of membership at, the paid and the free version. The free membership still has many features and can still talk to paid members as long as they are the one initiating the conversation. The members here are filled with young and single Vietnamese.

If you have yet to find a match using online dating sites, try your luck here at to find the perfect Vietnamese girl or guy. The quality of this site and services is worthy of a try, so get your picture ready and sign up today.

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Asian Beauties

3.41 Stars, 28 Reviews

Asian Beauties is an online matchmaking site with the most efficient method to connect men to some of the most beautiful Asian women from all over Asia. This is achieved by partnering with hundreds of dating agencies throughout Asia to set forth the most enticing Asian women available.

At, romantic couples are formed by using tools such as emailing, love chat, romance tours and much more.

Everyday, men and women exchange thousands of emails back and forth. This is a great way to stay in touch with women that are attractive and enticing.

Use the live chat to become even closer to your favorite Asian woman. The live chat can be a simple chat messenger or a video chat if the woman has a webcam available. It is the next step to building a great relationship.

To create an even more lasting impression, using the romance tour is a genius idea to meet up with the women of your dreams to add the last touch needed. The Asian Beauties Romance Tour is an experience that can bring any two together to form a loving pair.

Every year here at, a wealthy amount of friendships, relationship, love and marriage are formed. Statistics shows that they have an 80% success rate. Join now to ride along with the success.

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3.5 Stars, 2 Reviews

Are you interested in having a deep relationship with women from Southeastern Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines? is an online dating place that provides just that. They connect people internationally to Asian women of Southeast Asia. There are thousands upon thousands of beautiful and sincere women that are looking for a chance at love and marriage. have such an amazing network of women due to their partnership with local dating agencies of the southeast Asian countries. These beautiful Asian women have profiles that include videos about themselves for you to get to know them better. More so, all the profiles have been authenticated to prevent from fraud.

Even if you are too far away, iDateAsia makes it extremely easy to get in contact with women here and help build a sincere relationship with a goal of love and marriage. You can connect with these women instantly by live chat or talk to them directly through phone. If there is a language barrier, a professional translator will be provided. And when you are ready to meet in person, iDateAsia will go out of their way to make it happen and smoothly. So come here and find a woman to love now.

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3.2 Stars, 43 Reviews

Since the day it was created, has been connecting singles together to find love in China. They have a huge network of women in chine to provide all those seeking a beautiful woman in China that is sincere and serious. Right now, they have over 20 thousands women and counting as members. If you are looking for a Chinese bride, this is the place.’s network of women consists of partnering with hundreds of local dating and matchmaking agencies in China to provide the best and most beautiful women possible. Also to ensure legitimacy, every profile on there has been subjected to a screening process to guarantee authenticity of the woman behind the profile.

Here at, you can break all cultural and language barriers through their chat communications. And if you would like to talk directly, they even offer a 3-way love call that includes you, the woman, and a translator. ChnLove goes out of their way to bridge that gap and let love drive through.

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