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FortyPlus Singles

Posted in Senior Dating | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000 is a dating site made for mature men and women over the prime age of forty to interact and form relationship online. This is a great platform for those single and mature individuals to find the right partner to be in a relationship with from a mature dating community filled with experienced and serious individuals. At FortyPlus Singles, they are extremely helpful and functional by...

Date Matures

Posted in Senior Dating | 1 Review, 3 Stars, 33333

Date Matures is an online dating site for mature singles over the age of forty. This is the perfect opportunity for mature men and women who enjoy interacting with other people at the comfort of their homes. With over 32 million possible candidates to be in a relationship with, this is most definitely the number one site for mature dating. has a friendly and more mature community for easy...


Posted in General Dating | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000

Mate1 is one of the biggest online dating sites that have great searching function, great interactions with other members and a great population of single men and women. One of the best part is that membership is completely free for women. At Mate1, all types of men and women are allowed to join and have the chance of finding a lovely partner to be in a relationship with. They accept all people of...

Posted in Asian | 1 Review, 3 Stars, 33333 is an online dating site filled with single Chinese women that are available to interact with and date. They offer a great alternative from everyday dating and allow men to experience what it is like to have a meaningful relationship with a Chinese woman. At, they offer all the necessary tools to be able to have long and lasting conversations with their Chinese...


Posted in General Dating | 0 Reviews, 0 Stars, 00000

Click & Flirt is an online dating site for casual men and women to find naughty partners to flirt with. They offer an outstanding platform for individuals to flirt with other members endlessly. This is the perfect time to dust of your best pick-up lines and test your flirting skills. Click & Flirt is the best casual dating site that has a great balance between playfully sexy and upright naughty....

Spiritual Click

Posted in General Dating | 1 Review, 1 Stars, 11111

Spiritual Click is the #1 community when it comes to conscious singles who are looking for love and deep spiritual connections.┬áSpiritual Click’s goal is to unite like-minded singles in a healthy and peaceful environment while promoting personal and spiritual growth. Spiritual Click encourages a fun setting to meet your match.┬áSpiritual Click is for singles searching for friendships, romance, love...

Recent Reviews

Caribbean Cupid Review by jonica

That site is a big scam.The men typically from Jamaica are just looking for someone they can use to get a greencard, cash, or material items and I speak from experience.I would advise you to stay away from the guys from Jamaica who constantly beg for money and don't even know you

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I have been on the site for a few months now and have spent several hundred dollars. I have found a few very lovely ladies. I must say that they have the most beautiful and hottest girls. Looking forward to my success in love.

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Christian Mingle Review by Camille

Christian Mingle is not even a Christian site at all. The owners are Sparks Network who have different websites including a porno website. They use the word Christian Mingle to make money out of people who are lonely. Their commercials are pure industrial psychology. Customer service sucks big time. People have usernames like Jesusdiva or Jesuschick167 are very disrespectful because since when Jesus have a chick or diva? The website are full of scammers using fakes pictures, a lot of fakes profile and sex predators in the website. Lots of people calling themselves Christians when they just get scriptures of the bible to attack people and judging them. That's NOT CHRIST AT ALL.The chat rooms are like the complaining center, people complaining that they can't find a date. People are been stuck in there for more than 5 years... that's very pathetic. Jesuschick167 thinks that she control the chat room pretending to work for CM when people have a disagreement with her she right away team u

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Military Cupid Review by Anomyous

I met a man on this website who said he was single. We talked, skyped, and started falling for each other. I flew from where I live (over 1,000 miles away) to him. We started a relationship. I then found out he was lying about his age, his name, and his marital status. He is an active duty military member and is committing adultry with probably not just me. His name is Zach K*****...if he tries to add you, do not accept him. I am going to email military cupid and let them know, too.
My advice is to not trust people that you have no connections with outside of your circle. There's too many ways for them to lie to you.

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Military Cupid Review by Leah

Can someone please tell me how to get off that site...I joined 2 weeks ago and I thanks god I never upgraded or gave any information regarding financial,after reading all these I just want's scary and scammers are taking advantage of innocent people...I want off of it and it sickens me that I even found it....thanks you to the people who choose to warn..I won't do that ever again.

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